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Play The Godfather: Five Families Game


Game description : The Godfather: Five Families Game - New York's Five Families are in a ruthless war for supremacy. Make sure it's your Mafia Family that wins... It's 1935: ten years before The Godfather film takes place. Tensions between the Five Mafia Families are on the rise, and things are getting dangerous. There's pressure on smaller gangs like yours to take sides—or die. Your father's been badly injured in the fallout and is unable to lead, so it's time for you to take charge and keep the criminal family business afloat.
Game controls : Join forces with one of the Five Mafia Families. Put together a crew of street-tested thugs, rise through the Family's ranks, and build your own criminal empire. Survive the bullet-ridden streets and collect from your neighbors. Intimidate the city with the best weapons, skills, and equipment. Crush your rivals and protect the Family at all costs...

Video Game The Godfather: Five Families Walkthroughs:

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